Brief History of Judo

Judo is an international and olympic sport. Originally Judo was derived from JuJitsu. Jujitsu is a form of control that uses punches, kicks, blocks, wrist-locks, leg-locks, throws, pins, arm-locks and strangles. As a fighting form it is very effective, but as a sport or a form of physical education it had one problem. A lot of practice partners were damaged during the learning process. Jigoro Kano studied the various schools of Jujitsu, and wanted to create a form of exersise that would help to strengthen mind and body like Jujitsu but would also be surviveable. Judo is the result. It involves the practice of throws, pins, strangles and arm-locks. Much of the more dangerous forms used in Jujitsu are still in Judo but only in Kata form. Beside the physical practice of techniques, Judo encompasses moral teachings and fostering the belief that Judo should be used only for defense and for the mutual welfare and benefit of the community.